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PNP set to win in a landslide
Anthony Myers

THE PNP'S Phillip Paulwell will retain Kingston East & Port Royal by yet another landslide as it is a safe PNP seat.

His opponents are Peter Sangster of the JLP, Bruce Rattray of the UPP and Muhammad Abdus-Salaam of the NJA-NDM.

Kingston East & Port Royal was among the 32 constituencies fixed in the new Constitution granted to Jamaica in 1944. The constituency of Kingston East & Port Royal is bounded by a point where Paradise Street meets the seacoast, northerly along the eastern side of Paradise Street to Windward Road, westerly along the northern side of Windward Road to Wild Street. From there it goes northerly along the eastern side of Upper Elleston Road to the intersection of Cumberland Avenue, south westerly along an imaginary line to the intersection of Maiden Street and Banana Street. It then goes easterly along the southern side of Banana Street to where it meets Franklin Town Gully, north easterly along the southern side of the gully to Cumberland Avenue. It then goes easterly along the southern side of Cumberland to Lincoln Road, easterly along the southern side of Portland Road to Giltress Street, easterly along the southern side of Giltress Street to St. James Road, northerly along the eastern side of St. James Road to the Kingston and St. Andrew parish boundary at Lightbourne Street. From there it goes easterly along the southern side of the Kingston and St. Andrew parish boundary, then southerly along the western side of the parish boundary to the seacoast, along the seacoast taking in Palisadoes and Port Royal, then north easterly along the seacoast back to the starting point.

Of the 12 contested general elections 1944-1997 in Kingston Eastern & Port Royal, the PNP won 11 times to the JLP's one. During the period 1944-1972, Florizel Glasspole destroyed all before him, becoming a household name in East Kingston & Port Royal. His successors, with the exception of Hugh Small who lost to Glenmore Webley (JLP), in 1980 by 486, all won with massive majorities. In 1976, William Isaacs (PNP), defeated Phillip Waite (JLP), by 3,636.

Michael Manley overwhelmed Granclett Cadienhead (JLP) by a massive 7,692 in the 1989 general election. After his retirement in 1992 due to ill health, the mantle fell on Marjorie Taylor who won the seat in a by-election in May 1992 and went on to defeat Danny Ffrench (JLP) in the 1993 General Election by a massive 9,714 votes.

All three by-elections - 1973, 1975 and 1992 - were won by the PNP with massive majorities. The indomitable Marjorie Taylor passed the baton to Phillip Paulwell who defeated his two opponents - Wellesley Richards (JLP), and Danny Ffrench (NDM), in the 1997 general election by a massive 6,962 and 7,949 respectively.

With no significant increase in the current voters' list over the 1997 list, the incumbent Phillip Paulwell will retain Kingston East & Port Royal by yet another landslide. A safe PNP seat.



E/L 17,493
A/B 9,992 (57.1%)
PNP 7,974 (79.8%)
JLP 2,018 (20.2%)
Majority (PNP) 5,956



E/L 22,367
B/C 13,319
A/B 11,557
R/B 1,762
E.E.A. Campbell, Oth. P. 431
Vivian F. Durham, Oth. P. 74
Florizel Glasspole, PNP 5,417
James N. Russell, JDP 1,283
Gilbert Enos Valentine, JLP 4,352


E/L 26,062
B/C 18,092
A/B 17,955
R/B 137
Florizel Glasspole, PNP 12,251
G.P. McFarlane, JLP 5,704


E/L 25,467
B/C 17,302
A/B 17,206
R/B 96
Florizel Glasspole, PNP 12,036
D.C. Tavares Jr., JLP 5,170


E/L 16,903
B/C 11,619
A/B 11,575
R/B 44
Florizel Glasspole, PNP 8,754
Eli F. Hanna, JLP 2,821




B/C 12,323
A/B 12,292
R/B 31
L.P. Blackwood, JLP 3,257
Florizel Glasspole, PNP 9,035


E/L 12,619
B/C 10,297
A/B 10,249
R/B 48
Florizel A. Glasspole, PNP 6,669

F.A. Johnstone, JLP



E/L 11,989
B/C 8,212
A/B 8,141
R/B 71
Florizel A. Glasspole, PNP 6,220
F.A. Johnstone, JLP 1,861
Dennis Wellington, CDP 60


E/L 11,493
B/C 9,182
A/B 9,126
R/B 56
William Isaacs, PNP 6,381
Phillip Waite, JLP 2,745


E/L 13,482
B/C 11,137
A/B 10,960
R/B 177
Warren McLean, IND. 38
Hugh Small, PNP 5,218
Glenmore Webley, JLP 5,704


E/L 13,482
E. Anthony Abrahams, JLP (elected unopposed by acclamation)


E/L 16,385
B/C 12,750
A/B 12,476
R/B 274
Granclett Cadienhead, JLP 2,392
Michael Manley, PNP 10,084


E/L 15,625
B/C 11,643
A/B 11,505
R/B 138
Danny Ffrench, JLP 893
Denzil Taylor, REP. 5
Marjorie Taylor, PNP 10,607


E/L 16,585
B/C 9,897 (59.7%)
A/B 9,383 (94.8%)
R/B 514 (5.2%)
Phillip Paulwell, PNP 8,098 (86.3%)
Wesley Richard, JLP 1,136 (12.1%)
Danny Ffrench, NDM 149 (1.6%)


E/L: Electors on List
B/C: Ballots Cast
A/B: Accepted Ballots
R/B: Rejected Ballots

Anthony Myers is a statistician and political analyst who has done work for the Electoral Office of Jamaica and for the People's National Party.

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