Barrington Gray
Barrington Gray M.P.
Party: JLP
JLP Logo

Born: August 11, 1950

Political career: Councilor, Hopewell Division and Member of Parliament, Hanover East ( - present)

Civic activities:

Profession: engineer and contractor

Education: Bethel All Age School and BSc Building Construction, Montego Bay Secondary College of Arts Science

Marital status: single with eight children


D.K. Duncan
D.K. Duncan
Party: PNP
PNP Logo


Political career: Member of Parliament for East Central St. Andrew (1976-1980); Minister of National Mobilisation; PNP National Organiser (1972-1973); PNP General Secretary (1974-1983); PNP Campaign Manager (1976 and 1980) and PNP National Executive Council (NEC) member (1972-1993)

Civic activities: National Bauxite Commission (1972-1976)

Profession: dental surgeon and political analyst/advisor

Education: Hampstead Primary; Jamaica College amd McGill University

Marital status: single


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